Cherubi and Cherrim

Really? Pokemon 420 seriously wound up being a grass type? You're lucky I don't actually care and am only pointing out so the weed humor people don't have to come in and do it for me.

It's kind of shocking that there wasn't already a cherry-based pokemon. As you may be aware, cherry trees are such a thing in Japan that when they're petals start to blow around in the wind, they're practically a form of weather.

Cherubi's design is pretty fun, too, with the second, half-formed, blissfully happy little cherry creature hanging off the back. Does that have its own sentience? That'd be kind of sad, since it disappears to somewhere or other when this thing evolves.

The evolved form, Cherrim, has an interesting transformation gimmick. Under normal conditions, it takes on its "overcast" form, hidden inside a closed flower bud. It's pretty neat looking this way, honestly.

In "sunny" weather, Cherrim unfurls into a bright, happy cherry blossom, and it's...alright, I guess. It looks the part. It wouldn't really be half as interesting if it didn't have these two alternate forms, which honestly look more like they were designed to be two distinct evolutionary stages. Look closely at the "overcast" form; it still has the cherry-like body sleeping inside and everything. That's totally a middle evolution design if I ever saw one.

Not an exceptional design or pokemon, but cute.