The Tympole Family

So, this water type is basically the fifth gen's Poliwag, but basically "sound" themed! Its face looks like a drum, its "warts" look like headphones and its eyebrows even look like little musical notes. That's cute! What's not to love about that sad little drumface?

Palpitoad drops the more obvious musical motifs of Tympole, but that's okay, because the silliness on display here is top quality. What a ridiculous lumpy gumdrop of an amphibian.

The ground/water Seismitoad, finally, is a pretty straightforward fat froggy, but with really cool gloomy red eyes and those speaker-like warts throughout its body, which apparently vibrate to produce sound as well as powerful shockwaves - AND they can spray poison!

These could have been more interesting frog pokemon, sure, but they're acceptable enough. They have a distinct premise and a charming personality throughout.

Fine quality toads.