Petilil and Lilligant

This is probably going to be one of our last really unremarkable points in this generation, and a pokemon line I forget about more easily than any other. Grass pokemon have an almost flawless tradition of being unique and imaginative or at least boasting a lot of personality, but Petilil is so plain and simple, it reads more like some other game's knockoff of a grass type pokemon.

Things do not improve by much when Petilil evolves into Lilligant. A flower-themed humanoid is something we've already seen in the more exciting Vileplume and Roselia. Even Bellossom, my least favorite of the Oddish line, has a more distinct, charming look than Lilligant, and I feel like its pokedex doesn't even know what to say about it other than that it smells nice.

Almost the only thing I find kinda cool about Lilligant is that it doesn't actually have "legs" with "feet," but waddles around on a big green bud with a radiating "star" of yellow toes. It's not terribly exciting, but it's at least better than a vanilla humanoid arrangement.

A little more effort, guys.