The Sandile Family

Remember Hippopotas last generation? The ground-type hippo that "swims" in sand? Well, here's a ground/dark type crocodile line that swims in sand, which is perfect, because hippos and crocodiles pretty much live side by side. Not necessarily as either friends nor enemies, mind you, baby hippos will almost literally walk all over crocodiles who just have to sit there and take it because they know momma potamus can bite their heads off if she feels like it.

Anyway, Sandile is a precious baby croc whose eyes are protected by dark, translucent scales; natural goggles and sunglasses to protect against the hot sand and blazing sun alike! Cool! This is one of those pokemon you can really believe would evolve in real life.

Krokorok is about what you expect from a more "grown up" Sandile, and now such an adorably smug rapscallion, to boot. Krokorok is gonna get those Kongs, you'll see, and the Crystal Coconut is going to be all his.

Now, had KROOKODILE really been only a bigger, meaner Krokorok, it might have still been acceptable, but the final stage springs a killer black and red color scheme on us clear out of nowhere, turns the goggles into those pointy sunglasses all the anime bullies are into and sports a schnozz more like a dwongus a gharial than any other crocodilian I can think of. And then there's the name. KROOKODILE. That is gold. How can you not love this majestic, fat asshole of the sand dunes.

Give it up for King K. Rookodile