Scraggy and Scrafty

How positively captivating is this staring, crudely designed lizard with baggy pants? A reptile pokemon themed around skin-shedding is a great idea that certainly took long enough, and Scraggy is hilariously characterized like a mischief-making punk kid with saggy pants.

Scraggy even TERRORIZED Ash's other pokemon in the anime for a while, and it's really just a shame it never got to interact with Croagunk. The sketchy lizard and skeevy frog are meant for each other.

This line is also a rare case in which all the things I found cute about the first stage are kept by its last, with Scrafty mostly adding a stylish red "mohawk," cool purple eyelids, and a hood formed from shed facial skin, complete with eyeholes!

What I really, really LOVE about these two pokemon, most of all, is how childishly they're designed. However nicely shaded, they still sort of manage to look "flat," with extremely basic shape construction and big, simplified facial features like an awkward notebook doodle that sprang to life one day...or perhaps, appropriately enough, maybe even intentionally, carrying a graffiti art vibe?

To think, there are people out there who would say everything I just said as disparagement of these pokemon. People who obviously have no souls.