Ducklett and Swanna

The fifth generation is so packed with wackiness, a concept this mundane in the middle of it all comes as a bit of a surprise. Ducklett is the first waterfowl pokemon since either Farfetch'd or Ludicolo, depending on your interpretation of Ludicolo, and just a straightforward, water/flying baby duckling.

I guess the idea here is supposed to be more of an "ugly" duckling scenario, with the awkward Ducklett evolving into the more graceful Swanna, which also has a birdy brassiere and dances to establish dominance in the wild. The pokedex also lets us know that they "deliver sharp, powerful pecks" by whipping their long necks, so I'm glad they remembered that swans are also vicious assholes.

While not really remarkable for a pokemon, Swanna is nicely designed and drawn. I like its face and I like its many swooping shapes. It feels very "first generation," though perhaps it belonged a little earlier in the pokedex.