Rufflet and Braviary

Of course a generation inspired by the United States is going to have a bald eagle pokemon, an animal I only really find all that interesting insofar as all animals are interesting and all birds, in particular, are patently ridiculous. Rufflet is actually a pretty great design, it has a lot of personality and it has all the silly cuteness you expect from today's fuzzy baby dinosaurs. It's just too bad we already know all this goofy poofy muppety fun is temporary.

Braviary is, like Bouffalant, a design that succeeds at what it was going for, but that's basically the extent of it. It's a straightforward American eagle pokemon, exactly how you would expect that to turn out. What's somewhat unusual about Braviary, however, is that the entire species is male.

Why? We'll kind of find out to tomorrow, but we also kind of won't.