The Fletchling Family

I'm not gonna touch what the name "Fletchling" makes me think of, but here's the sixth generation's early-bird, a cute little normal/flying robin said to be surprisingly vicious towards those who enter its territory. I do love how mean and nasty these otherwise adorable bird pokemon tend to be - exactly like the real thing.

Fletchinder? Really? "Fletchling" at least came from "Fledgeling." What's this supposed to mean now??

In a surprise twist, this bird is fire/flying, the first time an early bird evolved into anything other than a normal/flying pokemon.

The final stage, Talonflame, continues that trend I've always liked with these birdies, resembling a raptor combined with a non-raptor songbird. It's clearly a falcon, but it evolves from and still strongly resembles a red cardinal as well.

Solid bird, no complaints.