Skiddo and Gogoat

This is another sixth-gen line I have mixed feelings about. Everybody loves goats, obviously, and Skiddo is cute, yes, but it doesn't really look especially goat-like to me.

This doesn't change a whole lot when we get to Gogoat, and I know I just said in the Litleo review that pokemon shouldn't always follow their inspiration too closely, but that doesn't mean they should drop everything distinct about their real-world counterparts either, and Gogoat just doesn't have the charmingly goofy face of a mountain goat. It's just a little too serious, a little too elegant. It looks more like some sort of cool, majestic antelope than anything else.

Another I find rather forgettable, sorry, even if you do get to ride it. At least a half ball is just for how cute it still is, and epsecially for the name "gogoat."