Swirlix and Slurpuff

So I neglected to mention in our last review that Spritzee was a version exclusive to Pokemon Y, and here we have its counterpart, another pinkish, fluffy, comical fairy type with unsettlingly red eyes. The more, the merrier I say.

While Spritzee was themed around sweet odors, Swirlix here is themed around sweet flavors, feeding almost exclusively on sugar and producing a coat similar to cotton candy, or the nonsensical term "candy floss" to you brits (since when does "floss" describe anything fluffy?!).

Anyway, I really like the whole idea of a candy-like, fairy type furball. It's just cool! The fact that it eats and excretes sugar even makes some biological sense, like a mammal that evolved along the lines of an aphid.

The evolved form, Slurpuff, nicely builds on what I liked about its prevolution. It's even more obviously dessert-themed, but it still looks like an animal and it still has that little twinge of freakiness about it. I like that it reminds me of a flabby, stubby dog without being too blatantly canine, I like that it gives off a subtle circus clown vibe and I even like that I hear Eric Cartman's voice every time I look at it, and I'm not even fond of South Park these days.

You basically don't even need the pokedex or the anime to tell you that this thing is a rotten little sugar fiend. It's communicated perfectly in its design.