What's not to love about Klefki? It's a steel/fairy pokemon obsessed with hoarding keys, which is exactly the kind of thing traditional fairies get up to, and its true body even looks like a somewhat organic key, with a lock for a face, on a "keyring" actually formed by its noodle arms. Yeah, there's actually a pair of arms in this design, but they never illustrate the seam between them.

So, anatomically, you kinda have this metal-skinned, teardrop-shaped critter with two tentacles sticking out of its head. This totally inhuman design feels even cooler in a fairy type pokemon, a surreal little house-elf that either adapted to the human invention of keys or perhaps inspired humans to design them in the first place.

Klefki's keyhole mouth and empty holes for eyes are also just darn cool looking, really cute and somewhat ghostly all at once, a pokemon that totally belongs in a haunted house - ghost typing or no ghost typing.

Appropriately, Klefki isn't particularly powerful, but learns a lot of obnoxious utility moves that interfere with the opponent's strategy.

There's nothing I would change about Klefki. Klefki is perfect.