So I've been critical of the pikawhatsits in the past, but we all know they're an inevitability. Really, my only problem with them has always been - and continues to be - that they never evolve into anything. I'd be giving them all pretty positive ratings if they had their own Raichu-like mature forms, because the idea of a whole electric rodent "genus" is still really neat to me.

Togedemaru is the first electric/steel example, and its almost perfectly spherical body is lined with flat, triangular spines it can erect when agitated, just like the real-world spiny mice, whose spines are actually specialized tufts of fur.

I'd have loved if this one evolved into just a bigger, even spikier blowfish-mouse, but sadly, it's another Pachirisu, Emolga and Dedenne, doomed to gather dust as a small, weak, one-off collectible oddity.

Sorry, Togedemaru, you deserved better.