It's Cramorant's dinner! And it's a GREAT looking Pokemon! A barracuda is a cool as hell fish to begin with, and this lawn dart looking one just so full of character! Like I was saying about Silicobra, many Pokemon designs have gotten a little cleaner and more naturalistic in recent years.

Then it evolves into the more ferocious Barraskewda, and it seriously looks fantastic! The white "fish bone" markings are cool as hell, the curly smile gives it a dash more character than just any scary fish, and the red fins really add a perfect final touch to how menacing the whole thing looks. The spinning tail fins have the same physically impossible problem as Gigantamax Sandaconda, but whatever, it's a Pokemon. Of all the "straight up fish" in the series with no bizarre sea serpent evolution or school form, I think Arrokuda and Barraskewda might actually be the best looking of them all.