Our first elephant since Phanphy, huh? This really is a generation of mostly do-overs. Cufant is pure steel type, designed to look like a decorated copper statue of an elephant with a spade-like trunk it uses to dig. The idea is that this Pokemon was brought over to Galar (Britain) from a "far away land" (India) to help humans with construction. I guess that's interesting, and an ornate copper trinket is a unique reasoning for a steel type.

Copperajah however, feels kind of a mess. I think making its body block-shaped and putting those chunks on its head was just too much at once. I'll give the color scheme a pass because it's supposed to look extreme and garish, but I just don't think the underlying design looks too great to make up for it.

Then there's the gigantamax form, which for whatever reason gives the poor thing an upright, perfectly angular flat slab for a body, and it's simply not a good look. It clashes with the parts that remain more natural looking and it doesn't feel like it has a very coherent theme or reasoning to it.