The Pawmi Family

So I guess this is Paldea's "Pikaclone." I understand that gimmick, I really do, and I've said that I kind of like the idea of at least one Pokemon having a whole extended taxonomic family, but I gotta be honest: this is visually the dullest of a Pokemon tradition that was already a mixed bag. The line actually looks its very best in this official art of the first stage, where it looks a bit more natural and has a reasonably cute poofy shape to it, but it doesn't look half as appealing from its in-game model, and it's already a rather unremarkable brownish orange rodent with bunny ears. One of the only two interesting things about it is that it might possibly be based on the viscacha, a type of South American rodent that convergently resembles a rabbit (UPDATE: actually it has come to my attention that they're marmots, which is still equally alright). Pawmi's face is a bit too small on its poofy round head, in a kind of off-putting way to me, and the single puff of hair on top is a bit dorky. It just doesn't have any visual flair I find even as good as the other pikazoids, which are already just average.

Its conceptual gimmick is interesting enough, though; its paws dispense electricity after they're rubbed together, like defibrillators.

When Pawmi evolves into Pawmo it becomes both an Electric and Fighting type, and in fact this is the first of the pikaclones to evolve at all since the original "chu!" Not to be confused of course with Pokemon like Marill and Minccino, which aren't so much pikaclones and pikadjacent.

Unfortunately, this is not a very exciting evolution. Its orange coloration gets a bit lighter, its ears get a bit flufflier, and its fingers get slightly longer. Wow. Incredible.

The third and final stage only adds fluffier hair on the head and a more obvious neck with a hairy ruff, remaining the same forgettable design in every other regard, but it finally does something with that "defibrillator" theme: it's the first Pokemon in the dex to ever get Revival Blessing, which is the first move in the history of the game that allows the user to resuscitate a fainted teammate. It can only be used once per battle, but damn, that's a BIG addition to combat. I wondered since Red and Blue if they'd ever make a revival move. It has no use whatsoever "in-game" where you can do the same thing with items, but it's meant for use in online battle, and it's the only way you can bring any of your little guys "back to life" in player vs. player.

But while Revival Blessing is the only interesting thing about this hamstery whatsit, it isn't even an exclusive move anyway. It's thankfully learned by at least one other, much cooler Pokemon we'll get to later. And shouldn't the move have been given to a classic "nurse" Pokemon like Chansey, anyway?

I don't actively, strongly dislike the Pawmi line, but I'm so indifferent to it, this will be the first Pokemon to ever get a 1.5 out of 5. I could have sworn I already had a 1.5 rating graphic handy, but apparently I didn't!

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All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!



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