...That's it, huh? More or less the most basic, straightforward cartoon parrot one could ever possibly draw, with only the addition of a black pompadour on its head. Its only gimmick is that it comes in four different colors, each with a different pokedex entry and one of two possible hidden abilities (Guts or Sheer Force). Green Squawkabilly are said to form the most dominant flocks in the region, blue are their bitter rivals, yellow are supposedly the most hostile overall, and white are the most reclusive, not that any of this behavior factors noticeably into the game or their battle mechanics.

Squawkabilly is supposed to be the "iconic" common bird of Paldea and it's the first wild bird in its pokedex, but that position usually entails a pretty cool evolutionary path into something like Pigeotto, Talonflame or Corviknight. These have a tradition of looking more dangerous, even more like a bird of prey regardless of the original basis, and a greaser parrot had so much potential there, I went back after first uploading this review to sketch my first rough mental image of an evolved Billy:

It's not perfect, maybe not really "Pokemon style," but it's a rough approximation of the untapped potential. Unfortunately, this Pokemon does not evolve at all yet, so if you like Squawkabilly and/or parrots in general, I just think you, Squawkabilly and/or parrots in general all deserved a little more, and they might have even been better off giving Chatot multiple regional evolutions. Sorry billy, but you're our first Paldean 1/5.

I made up for this by uploading Nacli's review the same day! Get outta here and read about salt monsters!!!

All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!