Yesterday's Pokemon had wheels, but didn't use them because it inexplicably flies through the air. Today's Pokemon looks like it has wheels, and its claim to fame is its high-velocity landspeed, but actually it doesn't have wheels at all. What do these devs have against monsters with wheels?!

Cyclizar is a simple, green lizard with some segmented, black accents that give it the appearance of a sleek bike helmet, a front wheel and a motorcycle seat. The front "wheel" however is just a throat sac that puffs up while it runs, giving the impression of a front wheel, while its tail curls up to kind of resemble a back wheel. I get that a wheel would be difficult in a biological organism, but Pokemon already have all sorts of physically impossible anatomical features, or incorporate various foreign objects into their designs. Couldn't this thing have just had a socket in its chest where it attaches a wheel? Maybe one it carves out of natural materials, or something?

It's an alright design otherwise. It's a dragon/normal type, because it's meant to be the weaker evolutionary descendant of a proper dragon that existed in Paldea's past. Or is it?! We'll talk more about this when we get to reviewing this game's legendaries, but Cyclizar is theoretically an important Pokemon to Paldea. There are even a couple of NPC's who ride it around like a bike! They just didn't do a great deal more with that in-game. You, the player, end up with one of two legendaries related to Cyclizar, but Cyclizar is never more than a minor background presence and just another catchable Pokemon. Team Star even technically uses Cyclizar as bikes, which feels like it should mean something, but it factors so little into the game that I outright forgot all about it until writing this review. In fact, as Nanab just reminded me in the comments, you never see anyone riding a Cyclizar in the whole game. It's on promotional art, it's talked about, and you'll see characters standing with their Cyclizar, having stopped for a break, but that's it, and that's honestly pretty sad.

Well, here's Cyclizar running on its legs while pretending to have wheels. Weird.

All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!