...And now, ANOTHER fish! A really lovable one, too. It feels like a long time since this series has has a big, beastly, adorably homely sea beast like this. In fact, it has a vibe I don't think we've really seen in a fish Pokemon since old Gyarados! Dondozo is a very large, kind of whale-like catfish, much more detailed and naturalistic than the classic Whiscash. It has scaly lips, multiple feelers and barbels, a slight "nose" like you see in blobfish and other blubbery piscoids when they're dragged ashore, a hump down its back, grouchy little catfishy eyes and a tail with a more flatfish-like fin arrangement that looks really nice; long rippling fins down the sides and a laterally flattened tail unlike any normal fish.

  Dondozo also has a ring of little white fin flaps on its head that recall a disheveled, white bandana associated with a lot of professions, but in this case, intended to evoke a sushi chef. Funny!

  This is also another Pokemon with a "titan" boss fight, but in this case, even regular Dondozo are pretty big! In fact, while it's not accurately reflected in-game (what even is, anymore?) its official length is twelve meters from head to tail. That's almost the size of a Wailord, and it's officially longer than Gyarados! It's actually the new largest fish in the franchise!

  The most creative thing about Dondozo, however, comes courtesy a very different Pokemon that I almost considered reviewing on the same page, especially since I've lumped "counterparts" together on more than one occasion. This, however, isn't quite the usual counterpart scenario, but a novel new gimmick to the franchise you'll learn all about in our next review.


All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!