Scream Tail

So the great thing about the Paradox Pokemon is that not all of them are takes on fully evolved Pokemon; if you liked Jigglypuff a whole lot more than Wigglytuff, well, now there's a fairy/psychic "Jigglypuff" that's stronger than either of them and doesn't evolve. The downside is that maybe you don't like that it now has tiny fangs, its eyes are yellow instead of blue and the little curl of hair on its head is now a long whiplike "tail" that curls around to its back. Personally I think it's alright, but could have been pushed a bit further; if the tail is half the gimmick, it ought to have been at least two or three times longer if you ask me. Scream Tail hovers in the air a lot, and I think the hair tail should have been long enough to always trail around on the ground behind it.

The idea of a more vicious and nasty ancient Jigglypuff is a fun one, but already I have to express mixed feelings on the themes and motifs of these Paradoxes. When a fanged Jigglypuff was first revealed, I remember a lot of fans thinking it was supposed to be kind of a "spookier" Jigglypuff, in a way that would suit Fairy typing; more of a devilish goblin, or something kind of "vampiric." It's now a little more clear that the premise behind Scream Tail is actually just kind of "Unga Bunga, Me Cave-Puff," and that's unfortunately going to be the principle behind most of them.

On the other hand, yes, a lot of modern animals had scarier versions in the ancient past. I don't keep up with extinct life as much as you might expect but there were like Hell Pigs and Murder Cows and stuff running around the ice age for a while there, right? I know there was a scary as hell wombat. You don't forget that kind of thing. So there's a real-life precedent for a primeval "saber toothed" jigglypuff, yes. The question is whether this necessarily fits The Pokemon World, where the modern animals can be the saber toothed versions anyway.

That, and the Pokedex also says this thing is from "1,000,000,000" years ago. A BILLION? With a "B!?" A billion years ago on our world, the most extravagant lifeforms were basically slimy rocks. Just how far ahead in the future is the Pokemon world, or does complex multicellular macroscopic life just go back that much farther for them? Is it time travel shenanigans, perhaps? Did Celebi or Arceus go back in time and populate the planet with weird elephants and mammaloid pixies before there was even a Cambrian Explosion?

All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!