151 Concept Prompts: Poison Type

We're interrupting the regular pokemon reviews once more for a side feature. I know the last one, theme teams, didn't pan out like I promised - I just sort of wound up with very little to talk about on the subject - but with a new pokemon generation now on its way, there's a certain pressing topic you can't really avoid:

This idea that pokemon is ever going to "run low on ideas."

Heck, some people, who probably hate everything fun, accuse the series of already stretching desperately for new designs. Others are simply concerned that if it hasn't happened yet, it's an unavoidable eventuality. I've challenged this before with the now slightly dated 100 Creatures Begging to be Pokemon, but today, I do something a bit different.

Pondering whether the conceptual well had really even begun to run dry, I got to thinking about my personal favorite pokemon type, Poison, and the thought struck me to consider just how many unused concepts only one pokemon type might have.

I apologize that I don't have time to provide a lot of images or visual aid here - that this is just a glorified text post - but in about one evening, I sat down and came up with 151 raw, simple ideas just for new poison-type pokemon, at least eight for every possible type combination, pretty much just to see if I could.

I'm sure a lot of Fakemon artists have hit on some of the following concepts over the years, but I avoided any that I've personally seen before. I'm sure a lot of these ideas are weaker than others, too, but that's beside the point. No, the real point here is that if one nerd can come up with a whole generation's worth of proposals for only one type...I'm pretty sure you can trust Gamefreak to churn out fresh monsters until the sun explodes.

So, here goes nothing:

- leech resembling a vacuum cleaner. Actually eats other poison types.
- putrid, rotten egg. Hatches from a regular pokemon egg in polluted areas.
- ancient monster brought to life by pollution, a half-skeletal sludge kaiju.
- cloud of flying one-eyed bacteria, associated with decomposition.
- Trio of more unrealistic gremlin-like "germs," ala Dr. Mario.
- unpleasant penguin-like creature adapted to swim in pools of natural acid. Eyes absent or protected by clear bubble.
- fish which mutated a pair of long, humanoid legs and came onto land.
- foul smelling heap with protruding bones, imitates carrion to feed on scavengers.

- glowing meteor with various tentacles. Causes mutations in other lifeforms.
- striped snake with a Cheshire Cat sort of smile, able to turn invisible.
- brainy walking cuttlefish, psychedelic hypnotic swirls flowing across its skin.
- creepy "bogeyman" pokemon, embodying and causing nightmares.
- crawling brain creature with a spinal cord like a scorpion's tail.
- medusa themed pokemon whose very gaze causes a toxic illness.
- parasitic worm you can attach to another pokemon, altering its typing and moves.
- giant snail infected by Leucochloridium, you knew that was coming, didn't you?

- filthy, partially melted slush snowman, markings invoke a skeleton or zombie.
- deep sea methane worm controlling a frozen methane golem-like body.
- nasty-looking narwhal, uses its horn as a stinger. Clawed and amphibious?
- polar serpent with freezing venom. Mimics an igloo when coiled.
- shivering, sneezing goblin/imp that causes cold virus.
- sea urchin whose spines of frozen poison break off and melt in attackers.
- bottle-like ice monster full of gunk, created to safely contain dangerous microbes.
- vicious sea-lion-like polar platypus, plays up the venomous spurs of real platypi.

- reptilian kaiju with a belly like a furnace, burns toxins in its body to spew pollution.
- gooey toadlike beast that drips with flammable oil, igniting itself with its matchstick fingers.
- creature with a bellows-like head, constantly blowing noxious black smoke.
- firebreathing tar monster, shaped like a mammoth.
- multiheaded red worm that lives in boiling toxic geysers.
- gila monster that breathes poisonous purple flame
- "chemical bomb" pokemon, like an explosive shark/missile creature.
- fever-themed counterpart to the earlier cold-virus monster.

- rock-plated komodo dragon "basilisk," its venom causes petrification.
- rock-mimicking monster with hidden toxic spurs, like a real-world stonefish.
- venomous opabinia-based fossil pokemon.
- turtle-like reptilian monster with a shell of glowing plutonium.
- cave-dwelling lizard resembling a row of stalagmites, each tipped with venom.
- A cockatrice velociraptor; mangy and chickenlike with acid spit.
- an explosive, mine-like monster with drills for spines.
- amphibious reptile with armor plates of malachite.

- colorful earthworm dripping with acid it uses to burrow through and consume stone.
- venom-fanged giant shrew, invokes a shark swimming through the soil.
- perfectly flat camouflaged creature, stinging spines resembling grass.
- toxic take on the youkai Dorotabou; a mudman rising zombie-like from the ground.
- salamander made of translucent mucus, its skeleton visible inside.
- star-nosed mole, nose evolved into anemone-like stinging tentacles to catch prey.
- biting worm imitating a beautiful flower, the rest of it concealed underground.
- humanoid skull controlled by a colony of earthworm-like pokemon, acting as tentacles.

- toxic smog cloud, a little skull-like in appearance?
- gelatinous atmospheric jellyfish, feeds on air pollution
- menacing umbrella-like monster that produces acid rain
- bird with a beak invoking a toilet, filled with a toxic sludge.
- toxic frog that swells like a pufferfish and floats through the air
- gliding ribbon shaped tropical snake.
- creepy plane shaped monster, spreads toxic powder like a crop duster.
- aerial stingray resembling a children's kite.

- cone snail modeled like a tank.
- colorful, clown or harlequin themed sea anemone.
- bobbit worm coiled like a spring, covered in stinging barbs.
- Wailord skull covered in bone-eating worms, forming more of a body.
- slime creature generated by a tiny hagfish.
- spiraling, hypnotic siphonophore.
- stygiomedusa resembling a sort of grim reaper cloak.
- nearly invisible sea spider, resembling a multilimbed skeleton.
- draconic four-legged lionfish
- one long, thin ribbon worm, coiled into a mummylike humanoid shape.
- blue-ringed octopus wearing a coconut shell.

- monster resembling a haz-mat suit, generates a toxic energy aura.
- infectious "nanobot," a circuit bug represented in battle by one multiplying pixel.
- corrupted digital pokemon, like a glitching porygon or "canonized" missingno.
- snake resembling a power cord, "bites" with its electrified pluglike fangs.
- monster resembling walking radio tower, emits sickening energy waves
- acidic flatwoods monster with "skirt" of batteries.
- mothman pokemon which consumes toxic waste and converts it to energy.
- electrical phage virus, uses hosts to generate the energy it feeds on

- rusty car-like monster. Corrodes and eats metal, excretes smog.
- oil snail with a steel drum shell; ability changes it to fire/steel when hit by fire moves.
- flightless birdlike monster with a needle for a beak, acid in its transparent stomach.
- chainlike metal snake with massive, wide jaws, like a bear trap.
- snake made of sewer pipes with a mouth like a garbage disposal.
- predator of bug types with a head like an organic pesticide sprayer.
- mercury pokemon, has different forms roughly shaped like different animal types.
- pokemon imitating a trash can, behaving like a carnivorous plant.

- humanoid whose "arms" are a pair of symbiotic snake pokemon.
- creepy hand creature with poisonous claws.
- burly, slobbering ogre or troll with killer body odor.
- literal "spider monkey," a menacing multi-limbed ape with chelicerae.
- crab pokemon with sea anemone "boxing gloves."
- sumo wrestling humanoid made of corrosive, transparent jelly.
- ninja-like amphibian with stinging ribs, like the real world spiny salamander.
- small creature generating a humanoid body from its gaseous breath.

- false, carnivorous Chansey with a poisonous egg.
- squonk pokemon, an "ugly" warty fairy type always crying acidic tears.
- impish, thorny goblin that destroys plant life, like a "weed" fairy.
- "cupid" fairy, charms prey with its cuteness before stinging them.
- fanged, gothic vampire-like pixie.
- stinking blob fairy based on the youkai, nuppefuhofu.
- poisonous pinata-like creature, luring prey with a sweet odor.
- akaname pokemon who spreads filth with its looong tongue.

- colorful porcupine with a stinging needle mohawk.
- anglerfish-like forest monster with a "poison apple" lure.
- pitch black snake as flat as a creeping shadow.
- monster with clownish color scheme, laughing gas breath.
- shaggy black creature, wet hair thick with mildew and mold.
- slightly motorcycle-like armored beast, leaves a smog trail.
- bulldog or pig-like "belching" themed monster, eats garbage.
- devilish monster with a Halloween candy theme.

- angelic, flying glaucus atlanticus (more dragons can be slugs, can't they?)
- twin serpents coiled together. One poisons, the other heals.
- froglike dragon whose colorful tongue branches into many smaller, biting mouths.
- fanged, black reptile with long, thin limbs; it's spiderlike without being a spider.
- warty, two-headed monstrous dinosaur; a more "mutated" godzilla homage.
- wasplike, also not a real arthropod but uses pheromones to command bug types.
- tropical dragon imitating a leafy plant to ambush, swallow and digest prey.
- snake headed, needle covered beast like the mythological peluda.

- plague doctor dodo bird. The ghosts of a whole species that succumbed to a virus.
- skeleton lounging in a pool of acid, as if it were a hot tub.
- squad of cracked, dirty teeth, cavities forming creepy faces.
- gaseous stink cloud in a ghostlike shape, emerging from a pile of trash.
- glowing green figure with a visible black skeleton, a radioactive x-ray pokemon.
- pink floating stomach with a winding digestive tract tail.
- allergy-triggering dust ghost, maybe even forms a tattered body from dirty cloth.
- mushroom mummy pokemon splotched with yellow, fuzzy mold.

- Titan Arum pokemon, acts as a hive to tiny fly-size bug types?
- stinkhorn fungus resembling an ink-dripping fungal octopus.
- slime mold forming a partial body from winding veins of yellow goo.
- shuffling pile of rotten, slimy compost, eerie eyes peering from its depths.
- ghoulish-looking wilted brown flower.
- moldy, rotten giant banana that's also a banana slug.
- floating poisonous mushroom, its rhizomes hanging like jellyfish tentacles.
- arboreal sundew cephalopod.

- an impish little black fly. Its bite "brainwashes" prey to obey it.
- whole swarm of black fleas forming a cartoonish dog-shaped body.
- assassin bug with a giant syringe motif.
- cockroach modeled after an exterminator, with a face like a gas mask.
- antlion-like insect that generates a pool of sludge instead of a sand pit.
- dung beetle rolling the way dung beetles are wont to roll.
- giant hair-eating louse with scissor hands.
- stinkbug partially resembling an aerosol can.
- spider whose legs also form its own giant, slimy web.
- mosquito with a lady vampire motif.
- pseudoscorpion that resembles a skull and crossbones when at rest.
- cute, furry velvet ant, sort of teddy-bear-like but with an intense sting.

- goofy monster with gigantic, rotten teeth and terrible breath.
- pale, sickly animal perpetually suffering a contagious flu.
- "plague rat" pokemon, also sort of resembling and acting like one big flea.
- cute, harmless looking mammal, incorporates poison from the plants it eats.
- tentacled monster that "steals" poison from poison types, like a nudibranch.
- monster that wears rotting garbage on its back for protection.
- reptile with a knifelike face. Licks its own blade to arm it with venom.
- spitting monster carrying an entire grimer symbiotically in its translucent stomach.

-Mew-like pure poison legendary themed around the greenhouse effect, a cute little fairy whose head is structured like a single carbon dioxide molecule.

And there you have it. Enough ideas to fill one entire pokemon generation with nothing but poison types.

Could I do this for every other type? I'm not really sure. I'd be leaving poison out of them, obviously, having already presented my best guesses for such tricky combinations as poison/ice and poison/electric, so were I to keep going with this, every list would be one type shorter.

For now, I think I've made my point that pokemon concepts can flow pretty freely, and the even bigger point that I super love poison types.