Written by Jonathan Wojcik

   On the twelfth day of this encroaching October , a brand new Pokemon generation will release world-wide for the Nintendo 3DS, with an unprecedented new graphical style, an entirely new type, the introduction of "Mega" evolutions and a plethora of other interesting changes to the franchise, truly making 2013 an extra special Halloween season for a wide range of monster lovers! To celebrate, Bogleech will be counting down the 31 days leading up to this sacred date with 31 SPOOK-tacular Pokemon reviews, concurrent with my usual and not-so-usual Halloween updates for 2013! Some will be brief, some will be long. Many will discuss the little-known inspirations, compelling fan theories and other cool trivia about some of the stranger, creepier creatures in an already bizarre series.

Updates will come daily to the very best of my ability, keeping in mind that I've classes starting and a rotating sleep schedule. Just keep checking back!