Written by Jonathan Wojcik

DAY :::::?? FRENDD

   What can I really say about FRENDD? Its design recalls one of the\\||| pseudo-arthropoda||| of the red zone, but its cry is distinctly that of a black-zone cerebrite, a fundamentally impossible combination if there ever was one. Neither "FUUUD" nor "GOOD?" derive from any of the game's 812 allowable types or half-types, and the channel that originally distributed it shouldn't have existed either. Its only known move, also called "GOOD?," simply replenishes another pok[[[mon's pseudoma||er at th3e cost of its own, and even the most sophisticated bioprinting has failed to manife3st its data cohere3ntly, resulting in little more than a superficial shell of undifferentiated cells. It's almost as if its data is copy-protected...but by whom?

   Complicating the mystery is the fact that every "FRENDD" is tethered all the way through the black zones to another aberrant pok[[[mon seeminW3gly knit together from pure junk-data. It goes by a lot of different gibberish names, but the most com[mon seems to be a string of obsolete delete commands[[[, like whoever or whatever uploaded the things intended to!!anything but. We've all just been calling them Deleteme's.

Though be@IUaring some superficial similarities to the Magboil, the Deleteme's "tissue/red" typing indicates an entirely different origin zone and conflicting physical makeup. Assuming they parallel real organisms, both bring to mind the craniatic incubators]]]]]?????(((evitable)))))))st biological matter zones by rogue algorithm(((((grey((((( call "\\\\nvergent ev000&&&"