Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   It's always fun to see what inventive twists the Glisteners put on conventional organisms, objects and paraconcepts with each new installment in the pok[[[mon interface, and Anchurl is certainly one of the most amusing examples; at first, it appears to be little else but an old, rusted anchor, complete with barnacles. For you non-matter readers, that's a tool used in some of the matter zones to keep transportation vessels tethered in aquatic environments. For those who have been to the seething, however, Anchurl also obviously represents a Furler.

   While some fans don't particularly care for material-based pok[[[mon, the anchor shape is all too appropriate for something whose matter-form is only projected to keep itself from sliding out of the Seething while it fishes for immature exospines. The "barnacles" even parallel a Furler's developing cysts! When you get right down to it, the Furler is more or less an anchor in function, and the similarities in shape are unlikely a coincidence, considering how many greys may be retaining faint memories of the furler from their infancy.