Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   Unbelievably, Druddigon here seems to be one of the very least popular Dragon-type pokemon among fans, apparently regarded by many as "ugly," because we all know a proper dragon is something that exists to give big boners to fanartists. I guess this goes to show how divergent my tastes are from Pokemon's core audience, because Druddigon is frankly the only dragon pokemon I really really like, and to me, looks the most like a "true" dragon out of anything to boast this esteemed elemental type.

   Everything about this pokemon looks cool. Cool and super dragoney; just the sort of mean, spiny monster you would expect to find burning down princesses and kidnapping small villages. I've heard some complain that its design is just too artistically "crude," with its angular face and jagged, impractical looking wings, but that only calls to my mind an even more "medieval" sort of style; it could have stepped right out of an ancient bestiary or a coat-of-arms. There's also a possible reason why it may look so angular and jagged, too; parts of its body, especially its face, are supposedly as hard as stone, and it's said to freeze in place when it cools off at night. Though not absolutely certain, it seems likely that Druddigon is intended to invoke a "gargoyle."

Laura Gooch

   I think another reason I like this one so much is just how strongly - but perhaps unintentionally - it reminds me of a marine iguana. Did you know these things gave Charles Darwin the creeps? He actually used the phrase "imps of darkness" in his first known description of them. Look it up! Marine Iguanas can even develop bright red patches of coloration, though Druddigon looks more like it just dipped its face directly into a pool of blood.

It did.