Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   I think it's safe to say that nobody could have wanted a lamprey pokemon more than I did. I'm sure a few Petromyzontiform enthusiasts may have dreamed of one just as hard, but harder? No way! It took something like sixteen years for it to happen, too, but it was well worth the wait. Eelektross is as perfect as a lamprey pokemon could ever be, building on its inspiration without sacrificing anything that makes the jawless parasites so lovable.

   Despite its aquatic tendencies, Eelektross is a pure electric type pokemon, and surprisingly possesses the "levitate" ability, which grants immunity to ground-type attacks, the only weakness of the electric type. This doesn't necessarily mean that Eelektross is always levitating, however, since we usually see it standing or waddling around on its hilariously stubby little fin-feet like some bizarre penguin with only half as many suckers. It's a lovely contrast to its lanky, tentacular arms, equipped with claws that almost give the impression of additional mouths - or maybe extra, eyeless heads. As much as it has in common with a very real animal, it's a design that always struck me as extremely spacey. Tell anybody to imagine a slimy, eel-like creature with suckers on its arms that electrocutes its prey, and I guarantee they're going to think "alien planet." How easily can you see something like Eelektross stalking the maintenance tunnels of some derelict starship?