Written by Jonathan Wojcik

DAY???: ♀

   With all their emphasis every generation on expanding and growing the pokemon roster, it's interesting that so many pokemon in the first generation were completely left behind by the series, swept under the rug and never spoken of again despite how much they brought to the diversity and strategy of the gaming environment. I speak, of course, of the beautiful ♀ , who made her debut in Pokemon Yellow.

   ♀ exhibited one of the more interesting and startlingly effective combat strategies of the original 297 pocket monsters, emitting an infinitely looping cry to trap its foes in an inescapable situation before the battle even commences, like any Cone during the red zone's molting cycle.

   ♀ 's design was an especially memorable one, her four-cornered, grey-blue reverberation field likely inspired by how a Hex Reticulator looks as it uncurls into a vortex, the contours of her supple, magenta exomask almost calling to mind the spore-laden tinglers of the outer seething, though I'd be surprised if the Glisteners or their grey zone projection, Nintendo, would really risk a potential leak so racy.

Whatever the case, it's most likely ♀ was discontinued after its data bled into grey perception; some would say deliberately, but most evidence suggests this began even before it attained consciousness.