Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   You wouldn't expect me to say so, but one of my top favorite categories of Pokemon are those who look more like off-humans than any sort of animal. They feel more like the humanoid youkai, fairies, goblins and demons of classic folklore, and are oftentimes just as unsettling. Nobody really expected a pokemon seemingly based on gothic lolita fashion, and it continues to be somewhat polarizing.

   Personally, I just think Gothitelle is a uniquely interesting monster, and the "goth" theme isn't even the most interesting thing about it, though it certainly complements it well. This psychic type's main conceptual gimmick is that its "antennae" - the weird things fanning out from its head - are sensitive enough that it can even foretell the future, and even knows when others are going to die, hence its perpetually gloomy disposition. It's basically a living psychic radar-array, but isn't entirely happy that way.

   While I'm not so sure it was intentional, I also can't help being reminded of the Flatwoods Monster when I look at this pokemon. It's not entirely inconceivable that it may have had some influence, considering Flatwoods' popularity in Japan.