Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   I mentioned that Druddigon was the closest dragon-type to really being my "style," but I can't deny Hydreigon has a lot of cool stuff going for it. I really like the blue, purple and black color scheme, even if blue is grossly over-used by the series, I dig how snake-like the heads are, how the neck-frills make them look like incredibly menacing cartoon flowers, and especially how the two secondary heads look like blank-eyed sock puppets, which, actually, happens to have a rather dark little story behind it.

   Hydreigon begins its existence as the single-headed Deino, a cute little moppy-headed cave-lizard who soon transforms into the dual-headed Zweilous, whose two heads have two distinct personalities and are, according to the pokedex, "constantly bickering." Like "two headed" reptiles in the real world, they compete with one another over food and over who gets to be in control, one often coming to dominate the other.

And then....

   Oh god, what? We went from one cute, happy little baby, to two bickering twins, and then back to one? Two of the three heads are empty? There are only three ways we can honestly interpret this:

A) The two personalities of Zweilous have merged back into one after reconciling their differences, sharing one brain in their new central head.

B) One of the two personalities has finally taken over, "killing" its sibling and growing a more powerful new head in control of the body, or...

C), A third, entirely new personality has emerged and degenerated both originals into mere appendages.

   The first possibility is the most optimistic, but also the least likely. The second and third options are much more in line with this being a dark-type and its pokedex title of "Brutal" pokemon, with the third option in particular following most logically from how Deino evolved into Zweilous to begin with. In any case, there's a strong possility that the trusting, smiling little Deino you trained and fed and cherished for so long is dead, and it is dead because its own body rebelled and absorbed it in your efforts to create an ever-more-devastating biological weapon while filling another slot in your pokedex. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL.