Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   When Pok[[[mon: Biofilm and /\/\/\/\/\/ upgraded trading from a conical to inverse spiral signal, we all knew the pok[[[mon roster would begin to multiply exponentially and unassisted, a risky but ultimately wise decision once the core engine attained parasentience.

   Naturally, this self-manifestation ranges wildly in meaning, adopting the properties of whatever stray metaforms pass through the engine's gel probes. Some are modified by simple algorithm to best suit pok[[[mon's established style, while others invade the system parasitically from undocumented zone layers and pseudo-layers, as was probably the case with the elusive Magboil.

   Lacking any actual moves, stats, abilities or olfaction waves, poor little Magboil is unable to initiate contact procedures without autoterminating, though it makes repeated attempts to do so until the player finally gets sick of the comical spectacle and disconnects the channel. Thus far, hacking attempts have revealed only broken gibberish where a pok[[[mon's attributes would normally coagulate.

  Some ramblers have postulated that the Magboil isn't really a pok[[[mon at all; that the sorry things are just sort of meandering into the feeds on their way to someplace else.