Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   Differing significantly between their two sexes, these psychic, bipedal cats are a sixth-generation addition I didn't really expect to love, and at first glance, you wouldn't expect me to either, but the cute little monster-cats are harboring a decidedly not-so-cute secret: Concealed within their ears are what have only been officially referred to as "psychic organs," and thanks to the 3-d graphics of Pokemon X and Y, we get to see exactly what "psychic organs" look like every time these furballs attack:

   Holy hell. Who would have expected anthropomorphic cat pokemon to have a secondary pair of soulless, Freudian demon-eyes on stalks? Notice the "regular" eyes even seem to glaze over, or roll back into the head. There is some wicked shit going down with these fluffy cats.

   It doesn't hurt that they're almost identical to Hedorah's eyes, too. Did you know Hedorah's designer deliberately wanted its eyes to remind people of vaginas?