Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   Another pseudo-humanoid from the first generation, Mr. Mime suffers many of the same "weird" and "ugly" criticisms as Jynx, but seems to be overlooked much more often. Maybe it's the lack of breasts? You know how gamers and otaku can be.

  It's too bad Mr. Mime is so likely to be either forgotten or rejected, since it has a lot of cool characteristics going for it. Overall resembling some unfinished, animated clown doll, I always enjoyed the jointed maneqquin-like properties of its anatomy, its hair that looks oddly like a pair of impish wings and those strange, seemingly sucker-tipped digits, which may resemble gloved hands, but this is all presumably a single, living body. It's not wearing little elf-shoe feet; its feet are just actually tapered. And curly. Yeesh.

   It's those freaky fingers that apparently give Mr. Mime its cryptic powers, apparently emitting vibrations that somehow "stop" air molecules, building invisible walls as it silently pantomimes, the same real-world mechanism by which the flat man encases prey in a force bubble, though Mr. Mime doesn't subsequently fill said bubble with digestive solvents.

  If crafting invisible barriers wasn't enough, Mr. Mime's psychic abilities can fool prey into perceiving objects that don't actually exist, sort of "dressing up" the shapes formed by the monster from ambient particles. With beings like this running loose, who's to say what's even real and what isn't in the pokemon world? For all we know, whole pokemon species could be illusions projected by more powerful, unseen psychic entities. Even what we think of as Mr. Mime could be closer to a puppet than its true form. It certainly looks like one.