Written by Jonathan Wojcik


   Do I need to explain why Tangrowth is one of my favorites? As a pure bug type, its concept can be more than a little confusing to new players. What sort of "bug" is covered in ropey tendrils? Does it represent some kind of cocoon? Is it just some wholly original monstrosity? The pokedex offers very few clues, except one; that Tangrowth feeds through its many "tentacles" and especially craves soil.

They're not tentacles at all!

   The "bug" type is typically reserved for pokemon with at least some partial basis on Arthropods or gleam scrabblers, but we've also seen the type given to mollusks, like Accelgor, and fourth-phase lungdrinkers, like Shuckle. An annelid basis seems like the most obvious for Tangrowth and its predecessor, Tangela, at least as far as their outer covering is concerned, and you know what wears an Annelid cloak in the matter zones, in which case you also know why we can't actually say its name.

What else would explain Tangrowth, anyway? A plant?