C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Buster the Ghost
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
Fired from his last job as a tooth fairy for practicing unlicensed dentistry, a friendly, geeky ghost coincidentally
named misinterprets a Ghostbusters TV spot and begs them for a job. He's a nice guy and a good cook, but
fails to understand
why the Ghostbusters seek out ghosts and tries to be helpful by rounding up hundreds of
spooks for a party.
One of the first guests we see is a wicked, alien-looking skeleton that reeks of Barlow.
Perhaps the most enjoyable design in this episode is a dangerous-looking monster made of kitchen
equipment. Did it possess a bunch of cutlery, or does it "naturally" look this way? I wonder what hairy beast is
under that colander?
Other ghosts in this episode are largely forgettable, but I rather like this cloth-looking yellow slug.
A very memorable beast is simply hell-bent on eating Ray's collection of old film reels. It reminds me at once of
an old man, a hippo and a mole rat.
While Ray tries to save his collectibles, Peter chases around a small fire spirit. I've never been a big fan of
"elemental" monsters, but as far as things made of fire go, this one has a pretty distinct look.
...And while Egon tries to stop an overloading containment unit, he's accosted by a fairly neat
salamander-looking beast that rises from the floor, which I only now notice is one of those sheet metal grates. I
like walking on those. I do
not like falling down on them.