C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Guess What's Coming to Dinner
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
I honestly didn't think the series ran long enough to do a parody of the Simpsons, but here we are. This
episode's A-listers are the "grungy" clan - whose names actually parallel the
Bundies from Married With
The family moves into the Firehouse while the Ghostbusters are on vacation, redecorating to their
creepy, slimy tastes and throwing away most of the ghostbusting equipment. Hilariously, Foul Grungy (Homer
Simpson/Al Bundy) mistakes the ghosts in the containment unit for "
squatters" in his "washing machine."
Releasing several of them, he tries to chase them off with the "leaf blower" he found.
The family pet, "yuk," doesn't necessarily parody anything, though both the Simpsons and the Bundies have a
dog, so it's a given.
Among the cooler ghosts released from containment are an emaciated, broken thing with a giant, spiny head,
an upside-down pterosaur also shown in other episodes, and a
bat-winged, buck-toothed turtle with a flower
pot on its head.
Lastly, when Peter and Winston try to sneak in through the sewers, they're attacked by a pack of crocodilian
spirits whose bizarre snouts are taken from the real-world
Gavial or Gharial. I remembered these as a kid, but I
never remembered the Simpson-ghosts. Remarkably, the busters do not bust the family who caused them all
this trouble, but help to save their son and they agree to move away. I guess they don't bust ghosts with