C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Janine's Genie
A seemingly humorous and well-meaning genie grants Janine wishes, including becoming a Ghostbuster
herself and for Egon to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, the genie has a sinister side, and each wish
releases more ghosts from his lamp.

Janine was always a great character in the beginning of the show, and was intended by the writers to be a
sassy, intelligent and strong female role model. This sort of thing is almost eye-rollingly common in modern
cartoons, but back in the 80's, she really stood out against the frail damsels and princesses of every other
children's show. Unfortunately, network advisors thought this made her a
negative influence, and requested
that her character be softened by season three into a meek, motherly housekeeper. They gave specific
instructions to remove her New York accent and even give her rounded, "less intimidating" glasses. Series
writer J. Michael Straczynski was unable to fight these nonsensical requests, and understandably left the show
in disgust. It's amazing how quickly such old-fashioned attitudes would change only a few years later.

Fortunately, Straczynski would return to write at least one more episode before the series end; one in which
Janine's character changes are explained away as demon possession. This story is assumed to take place
after the rest of the series, since subsequent episodes would revert Janine to her mousier mode.
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
Now, where was I? GHOSTS! One of the first ghosts to be released by Janine's wishes is an eyeball that
adorably flies around with a pair of feathers in its hands.
Also among this episode's horde is the upside-down-face guy that appears in a few other episodes. He's in the
bottom right of the first image here, and the lower middle of the second. The first shot is also the one
appearance by a horse-rumped thing with what I thought were butterfly wings.
The hat-wearing worm appears a few times in the episode. Its face makes me think it should speak like Don
Knotts. Also notable is the wicked little beast with wings in its eyes and an eye in its nose.
The strangest thing in the episode is shown only once, a lumpy create in a tacky shirt with faces on its hands
and none on its head.
This clearer view was provided by Lee Sherman, who's also done a lot of cool artwork for the site! I now notice
that the horse-butt ghost has octopus tentacles instead of wings, and another ghost has eyes in its mouth and
a red bow tie!
Another big shot from lee. These seem to be more conventional goblins for the most part, but what's with the
dog head in the back?! Those orange guys with the toothless mouths are also fairly creepy.
Mr. Sherman also managed to rip these little guys out of the background. They're like beetle ghosts!