C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Lights, Camera, Haunting!
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
Most of this episode stars a trio of humanoid ghosts, who show up at the set of a horror film and take offense
at the script.  After wreaking havoc with the help of some lesser ghosts, they find themselves hired as actors
by a shady producer who agrees to "pay" them by helping to destroy the Ghostbusters.
The lesser ghosts appear only at the beginning of the episode and are quickly busted, but they're a great
looking bunch
. The worm-like guy with the huge head and eyes is quite interesting, but never gets any good
This guy, on the other hand, is shown off rather frequently, as you can see. He's easily one of my favorite
designs in the series for his eerie stare and weird, asymmetrical head. I especially like how those fleshy
wrinkles give him the impression of wearing a hat.
This ghost is also really prominent throughout the sequence and even gets a line of dialog or two. I like the
clustered eyes, and how his tongue ends in three finger-like suckers.