C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Miscellaneous Episodes - My Left Fang
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
In this unusual episode, a village asks the Ghostbusters to help save their ghosts from an ectoplasm-sucking
vampire. Only a handful of ghosts are in this episode at all, but check out the modern-art looking weirdo! Is he
meant to look two dimensional, or just drawn poorly? Either way, I'd like to think of him as the "bad art ghost."
It's what his action figure would be called.
Episode - A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn
The beginning of this episode sees a bust already in progress at a local greenhouse. The plant ghost has a
wonderful design, with its cactus head, flytrap jaws, bony body. I even like how tiny and close-set its eyes are,
everything about it is just right to be weird and menacing. It's never seen again, but a geranium it taints
becomes the focus of the story as it grows to colossal proportions.
Episode - Egon's Ghost
Ghosts are seen only briefly in this episode, but one shot gives us this utterly amazing blimp creature, with an
antenna like a deep-sea fish and dozens of goggling eyes. The entire thing gets sucked into a ghost trap, so it
was apparently one big ghost, and not an actual, haunted blimp.
Episode - Partners in Slime
Several more ghosts are seen in the containment unit in this episode, with two more of particular interest that
don't seem to appear elsewhere in the series. A four-eyed monster with vestigial-looking arms, and some sort
of haunted tissue creature.
Episode - Slimer, Come Home
I show two ghosts from this episode on the main page along with two others from "Partners in Slime," but
another weird one is this mechanical looking thing that uses its steam-shovel face to prevent Slimer from
escaping. It has obvious eyes in the front, but the yellow spots on its sides may be eyes as well. Maybe there
are two ghosts inside of a third, carapace-like ghost? I think about these way too hard.
Lee Sherman sent me this great screenshot of the Plant Ghost's concept art, included on the DVD box set!