C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Standing Room Only
When a ghost-eating energy monster awakens from its hibernation, spirits come begging for safety in the
Ghostbusters' containment unit.
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
Appearing multiple times in this episode is something resembling one of the octopus martians so popular in
Japan, apparently able to spray green slime from its mouth.
We also see some more of the inverted monster previously mentions in the "Not Now, Slimer" and "Janine's
Genie" episodes. As you can see, this is an episode after Janine's character was gutted.
Also interesting is the monster with suckered eye/hand combo in what seems to be its crotch.
One of the stock ghosts, the freaky four-eyed aardvark, can also be seen in this episode
Finally, we have this great monster with a lanky, purple body and snaggly-toothed, duck-like skull.
Though the mouth opens differently, this design comes the closest to having a direct counterpart among the
toy line's mini ghosts, unlike any other monster shown in the cartoon.