C-List Ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters:
Though not the first story to feature a ghostly horde, I feel "The Halloween Door" makes the best introduction
to the sheer variety of creepy-crawlies the series would cook up. In this seasonal tale, a truly reprehensible
individual - ironically named Croweley - seeks to eliminate Halloween itself along with all things supernatural
and strange. When he succeeds (through hypocritical use of a magical "anti-Halloween machine") his partner
is revealed to be a monstrous crab-dog demon in disguise, and tells us how the yearly celebration of
Halloween was
preventing mass invasion from the spirit world.
The Real Ghostbusters is copyright 1984 Columbia Pictures
This episode is best known for the "Boogaloo," a giant monster that sings a musical number as it rampages
through the city, but he's clearly an A-list ghost, and not what we're here for. You can't say "Ghostbusters" and
"Halloween" in the same premise without promising total paranormal pandemonium, and that's exactly what this
episode delivers with a chaotic horde of spectral freaks:
Early in the episode, Ray Stanz busts a gnarled, man-faced serpent as it
floats down an alleyway...
...Only to have some sort of silly, pink pig-fish bounce off his head. It flies
by the screen for literally less than a second, with barely more than two
frames of animation.
Moments later, this cool purple manta-creature acts as a swipe to the next
screen. That's three ghosts in a row that look like fish, guys. Throw a little
more variety in.
Another example of sheer inexplicable insanity, this flying chicken-clown is almost cute
until its eyeballs pop out, at which point it's either cuter or just terrifying, according to
your tastes. Contrary to my animated gif, its face actually sticks this way as it soars off.
...I didn't say THAT much. What the hell am I looking at, here?! This passes the Ecto-1
even quicker than we see the pig-fish, and looks like nothing so much as a greatly
enlarged baby's toy. Creatures like this are at once delightful and maddening - how and
why would an ectoplasmic entity ever manifest a form this ridiculous?
Yet another eel-like ghost can be seen shortly after to the toy train. Not that notable,
but I kinda like its face and its trailing tendrils. It reminds me very much of a viperfish.
This one-eyed ghost isn't especially remarkable, but has a lot of personality as it tears
apart machinery and flees from the Ghostbusters.
Lastly, I feel the need to point out this little hand-blob that emerges from the Ecto-1
with various ghosts who were trashing it from inside. It's one of the simplest designs in
the series, but there's something really interesting about it. It could have easily just
been a severed hand, but instead it's a sort of stubby octopus creature, and
presumably intelligent enough to participate in sabotage. Don't you
want one?