Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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Goya and Dali
(U.B. Funkeys)

U.B. Funkeys were a novel 2007 Mattel property consisting of both a computer game and collectible USB-compatible figures, unfortunately discontinued since 2010. 45 different creatures existed, but not all of them were released as toys, which is too bad; Goya here was one of two villain characters from the "dream states" setting, with Goya coming from the "nightmare rift." He's a pretty straightforward bugbear sort of nightmare demon, hovering with his small wings, dominated by a huge and long-toothed mouth. Not bad, but what's really interesting is that the "dream" counterpart to this "nightmare" character is actually the weirder and freakier one!

Goya was the villain from the Nightmare Rift, but Dali was the villain from the "Dream Oasis!" A cute, colorful flower who nonetheless attacks as a random coin-stealing encounter, like Goya, but by bursting out of the ground. It's also said that you should never look it directly in the eyes, and I am always fond of the "freaky stare" gimmick. Sadly, neither of these characters received figures before the property ended, and remain two of the only villains even implemented in the game among those planned.