Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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Hearthstone is a digital card game originally also known as Heroes of Warcraft, set in the Warcraft universe with a lot of crossover between the two. Orcs are obviously one of the setting's best character options, being unplayable monsters in a majority of other fantasy settings, and I'm glad that one of Hearthstone's canonically most powerful characters is not only an orc, but a lady orc witch who also goes by Swampqueen Hagatha.

Hagatha's main gimmick is that she can create what are called "Drustvar Horrors," which are a type of wicker construct golem. There's several "species" of them in World of Warcraft besides humanoids, but they're all made out of wicker, fur, bone, skin, and whatever other organic detritus you find around a cursed swamp. In Hearthstone, Hagatha's wicker minions seem to deliver her spells for her, like remote magic-delivering drones, or at least that's my personal interpretation of the card mechanics!