Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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(Monster Hunter)

Monster Hunter is a popularly requested series, but for years, I've still procrastinated reviewing it. It might just be because, while I do have a few favorites, its creature design style doesn't generally reel me in. Namielle, for instance, kind of looks like a fairly typical dragon at a glance, and to really get into a monster I tend to want something with a more immediately unusual shape and personality to it. Namielle is however very cool as far as dragons go; it's a water-themed dragon, so it not only controls water but has a body mostly supported by it, like a jellyfish, becoming limp and pale when it dries out. Its wings are also clearly inspired by the mantle of a vampire squid, dumbo octopus or umbrella squid, with fleshy tendrils instead of finger bones and hundreds of glowing lights. It's capable of controlling water even on land, and to make that extra dangerous, it naturally comes with electric eel powers as well. It's basically a whole grab-bag of sea life patched together into the shape of a more typical dragon, which is, again, a very fun concept even if it isn't visually too striking. I think I could get into it more if it had something weird going on with its eyes, like any number of deep sea fish!