Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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(Power Lords)

I'm glad that someone requested I do a Power Lords review. I don't know as much about this toy line as I'd like to, but when I was a child, I somehow acquired a bizarre, purple hunk of plastic with translucent, red fly-eyes and black, bull-like horns. I had no idea what it was back then, but I loved it regardless, and pretended it was some sort of little slug-like alien. It would be a few years before I learned it was only the decapitated head of a space villain.

Arkus is actually the primary antagonist of the Power Lords universe, a terrifying and virtually immortal alien dictator who hatched from the center of a dying star. How TOTALLY rad is that, and how much radder is it that he looks like a big butterfly?

The Power Lords were actually designed by a pretty famous monster maker, Wayne Douglas Barlowe, decades before he'd become a little more well known for his work on multiple Guillermo Del Toro films. If I will be brutally honest, however, the Power Lords actually remain some of his best work; they're colorful, campy, and generally more extravagant than the predominantly grey and brown, more serious demons and kaiju he's now known for. Get Barlowe working on toys again! Put him on an animated kid's movie! Or, you know, just bring back the Power Lords as a cartoon series. I'd love to know what Arkus actually sounds and acts like.