Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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Overcharge Drinkers
(Sunset Overdrive)

Sunset Overdrive is more or less a "Zombie Apocalypse" game, but with a more upbeat sense of humor and intensely bright, colorful atmosphere compared to most. That, and the zombies are actually toxic mutants created by an energy drink.

Known as "OD" for short, these mutants have a much more interesting look than the standard "infectees" of similar narratives; they're encrusted with colorful boils and their heads are grown over into eyeless lumps, their nasty gummy jaws their only facial feature. They overall have the feeling of a cross between a human and what a lot of horror artwork assumes a "maggot" looks like.

There are multiple variant OD, but I'm just going to do my top five here! OD can actually fuse with nearby objects, especially anything they might have been carrying when they drank a can of Overcharge, and the "blower" is fused to a leaf blower, which has now become a gun-like arm that spews toxic chemicals.

The OD are usually eyeless, but the leaf blower's vents fuse to this creature's face to resemble a set of maniacal, asymmetrical goggle-eyes to excellent effect.

Wingers are the only flying OD, with jaws that can stretch wide as they breathe fire and wings actually formed from Fizzco advertising banners. The next most interesting thing about their design, up close, are the exposed ribs and entrails as though their lower body has already ruptured.

The "Spawner" was probably a garbage man, its body fused with an assortment of junk and an entire dumpster on its back, which continuously pops out smaller OD!

The coolest thing about the Spawner, however, is its crab-like variant (left) featured in a DLC oil rig setting. It's a drastic change, really looking like an entirely different arthropod-based mutant.

Gunker is my favorite design overall, an OD born from a hot dog factory. I love its lumpy, pale back overgrowing its face, giving it such a nasty looking underbite, and the metal canisters protruding from its flesh. These are liquid nitrogen canisters intended to preserve meat, but the gunkers also absorbed rancid hot dog sludge (or something) and can hurl freezing globs of ooze!