Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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(My Little Pony the Movie)

I'm glad someone requested the Smooze. The villains of this movie were overall so fun and so well animated, I often forget they were from a My Little Pony film and not some sort of Ghibli fantasy anime. The Smooze is technically a witch's brew, and besides its capacity for physical destruction - including the fact that it hardens like cement - anyone touching it becomes mean and grouchy. It's often noted how much its googly-eyed faces resemble Grimer, with villains wiki wildly assuming it was the actual inspiration for Grimer and Muk, though it's literally just eyeballs added to some purple gunk; countless other slime monsters throughout popular culture have this design as well, so the only connection here is the coincidental choice in color scheme.

The Smooze is a fun "monster," though I feel like its nature as a creature or character wasn't all that literal. They never address it like a being, or even really acknowledge that it's behaving as a sentient force. I'm not so sure it was even originally written or conceived as having the faces or the ability to sing, and it all might have been kind of last-minute.

The Smooze sort of had a cameo in that newer pony cartoon, but as an eyeless green jelly in a hat, which grows larger the more it eats. Cute, but not quite as unique.