Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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5 Favorite Subspace Emissary Creatures

I never did get around to playing the adventure mode of Smash Brothers Brawl, but "Subspace Emissary" had its own storyline and a large number of brand new, original enemies to go with cameos from various other video games, some of them so original that it's a shame they're limited to this single appearance. Borboras here is a fun design in general, with a thin humanoid body and an oversized brass trumpet for a head, curled around like an ammonite shell with a simple, yellow eye glowing in its center. All Borboras can do is blow a powerful wind from its trumpet, but it's enough to push around something as heavy as a full grown Bowser.

The bizarre and massive Gamyga resembles a tower of golden cylinders with their own little, nubby arms and distressed-looking faces, supporting a brightly colorful and almost flower-like mask. The mask is said to be the entity's true form, but that seems a little backwards; I'd think the bases were the real creatures, and the mask some sort of decoy or weapon, right? Whatever's going on, all it does is fire energy blasts, but its sheer size makes it challenging to take down.

Feyesh is such a simple design concept, but SO fun and appealing! It looks like a floating goldfish with a spherical body and a few dangling tentacles, but when it opens its "mouth," it turns out the body is almost entirely a giant eyeball! A tentacled flying eyeball fish! It's also electrical.

Mizzo is an enemy actually cut from the game, except for a frozen specimen in a glass tank - but that actually kind of makes it a more interesting presence. Assumed to be a swimming enemy, it looks like a blue, coconut-like orb with unsettlingly realistic, emaciated, humanoid limbs and an incredibly eerie face. Not even a necessarily menacing face, but those tiny, round red eyes and little, toothless mouth, like a frightened pufferish, really would look nightmarish coming at you in murky water.

My favorite monster in this game, or game mode, or however you want to describe it is BUCCULUS! You know how I like bloodsucking or otherwise parasitic monsters, and this is a splendidly creative, quirky design for one; a body like a pink strawberry - said to be filled with poison! - a simple, spherical green head with cute, pupil-less birdy eyes, and a pair of red, elongated lips like a floppy duck bill...lined with energy-draining needles!

It's totally weird, not based on any one obvious animal or plant in particular, and has the fun hunting strategy of burying itself in the ground up to those lips, as though they're just some sort of vegetation!