Rubber Bug Collecting: Fantasy "bugs"
It was hard to decide if I should actually give this a category or not, since it's difficult to draw the line
between a made-up "fake bug" and a bug-themed action figure. You wouldn't want to know how long
this page might go on if I were to include every exoskeletal alien and monster I've collected, so I'll be
trying to keep these similar to my reality-based "bugs."
The Starship Troopers "blaster bug" was
portrayed with the ability to fire burning
"plasma" from its abdomen, similar to the boiling
chemical blast of the real-world Bombardier
A "warrior bug" from the film "Starship
Troopers," this eusocial alien species is rather
confusingly referred to as "arachnids," as
though the writers didn't expect most viewers to
be familiar with the mundane term.
The masterminds behind those evil "arachnid"
aliens, Brain Bugs used their single, hollow claw
to suck the brain tissue from other creatures,
similar to the fused sucking mouthparts of the
hemiptera or "true bugs."
Amusingly, these figures took the time to illustrate the relationship between
the Brain and Chariot bugs despite being completely out of scale.
This wonderfully grotesque beast comes from a
short-lived toy line called "Operation: B.U.G."
These toys had slits in their soft, rubber bellies
so they could be filled with slime and
"dissected" with included laboratory tools.
Another "Operation: B.U.G." fgure, I love the
eerie yellow eyes against the dark, black and
brown body.
Due to their corpulent slug-like bodies, the Brain
Bugs need to be carried on a living carpet of
relatively tiny, cockroach-like "chariot bugs."
This peculiar scorpion/lizard hybrid is another
rare antique "jiggler" dating back to the late 50's
or early 60's. It is made of a very squishy,
odd-smelling rubber that may very well be toxic if
this pre-dates certain regulations.
I've had this cool little glow-in-the-dark creature
since I was a baby. I have no idea where it
originally came from. It has two small suction
cups on the underside.
This "Drak" comes from the cult television
series, "Farscape," where they co-starred in one
of the earliest episodes. Though dangerous,
they ultimately proved to be a peaceful race and
aided the series protagonists.
This cool little "assassin centipede" comes from
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Two of these
came packaged with a figure of everyone's
favorite astromech droid, R2-D2. One of the few
really cool things in the film.
These "Operation B.U.G." accessories have tiny but strong magnets inside. They came with the
laboratory playset, and could be moved around on a "lab table" via a hidden magnetic wand. I
prefer the one on the left. Though it only has four appendages (not much of a "bug" now, is it?!)
it has more discernible details and a really neat head.
Maybe this belongs in the Fly section...or maybe this doesn't even count as a real rubber bug, but it is a
solid hunk of rubber and it does appear to be more than
half insect, so where else will I get to show it
off?! This mutant fly-man was apparently part of a Spanish toy line featuring knock-offs of many famous
movie monsters, and I'm glad they included one of my personal favorites. This is one of the coolest little
toys I've ever owned! It stands about three and a half inches tall, slightly shorter than a Star Wars action