Rubber Bug Collecting: Aranea
Spiders, I dare say, are more commonly cast in toy form than any other creature in the
human consciousness. This is hardly surprising, as they are also the single most
creature in the human consciousness. Why, I can't possibly tell you. It will always confound
me how anyone can be unnerved by something so small and so terribly delicate, only the
tiniest fraction of which carry a venom your body would even notice.
Here we see an example of the "classic" spider
toy; floppy, "hairy" textured legs and an elastic
band for the toy to dangle from. These have
been marketed since the very beginning of
rubber toys as a practical joke to pull on the
This tarantula is one of the oldest and most
common of the more realistic spider molds. I
have seen this in hundreds of colors and
materials, often with a large suction cup molded
to the underside.
Another classic usually sold as a "joke" item,
these tribble-bodied spiders are usually
attached to a hand-held pump to make the toy
"hop" along a flat surface.
This spider-on-a-string is one of the few I own
that isn't either flat or hollow, which makes it feel
like an exceptional quality spider toy.
These rubber spiders in rubber webs have been another common sight for generations. Most
molds that I've seen closely resemble one of these two, they absolutely always have a sucker
on the underside and I have yet to see one that doesn't glow in the dark. The less realistic,
more mite-like spider on the left is my favorite. The second toy's pink discoloration is from
long-term contact with orange Halloween toys.
I don't remember where I got this big guy, but I
like its stout shape and compact pose. I think
I've had this since I was nearly a baby.
Even larger, this beautifully colored garden
spider is one of the most accurate here. The
varying length of its appendages is a trait of
many real-world orb weavers.
Sold under the name "Bug Factor," this finely
detailed and well-painted arachnid is actually
just an elaborate bottle of cherry-flavored candy
This monstrous-looking spider has a set of
wheeled, spring-loaded "jaws" as its base. When
the mouth is pressed closed, it springs back
open and the toy speeds away on its wheels. I
had these with various "scary" animals, but I'm
not sure what happened to the rest of the set.
Another spider that came filled with candy, it has
a hard plastic body with jiggly legs and a
suction-cup base, making it a cool decoration for
the inside of a car.
These sinister-looking long-legged spiders are
sold in large bags with various other rubber
creatures during the Halloween season,
especially in drug stores such as walgreens.
A very nice-looking tarantula with a uniquely
realistic pose among spide-toys. This came in a
"venomous animals" set along with the much
less accurate scorpion and centipede in my
other galleries.
Made of solid rubbber with no markings
whatsoever, this fat and sturdy spider has a
small hole on its abdomen that probably
connected to a candy sucker.
A charmingly crappy mold that often appears in
vending machines. You can clearly judge the
quality of a rubber spider by the stringiness of
its appendages.
This giant glow-in-the-dark arachnid is of
another very old, very common make that is
never sold without an elastic band.
Very old, and very cool-looking despite having
only six legs. It almost looks more like an
Amblypigid than a true spider. It used to have an
elastic string.
This grumpy looking spider is part of a series of
wheeled, pull-back arthropods that can be seen
in a few of my other categories.
I think this is the coolest spider in my collection.
This large latex Halloween prop has beautifully
detailed eyes and mouthparts with a nice bulk
and sturdy pose. Really impressive when hooked
to a wall or ceiling!
While not as lifelike as the previous Halloween
spider, this one has a much greater leg span and
a very study wire frame to pose any number of
This beady-eyed spider with prominent
pedipalps came packaged with fake Halloween
This heavy spider is dense, solid black plastic
and came from target, a 2010 Halloween item!