Wouldn't it be Chilly?

SCP-3114 isn't as frightening, as funny or even as strange as most other SCP objects. In fact, it's nothing but an inexplicably animate, intelligent human skeleton with no other anomalous properties or powers beyond the fact that it is an animate, intelligent human skeleton, straight out of a cartoon haunted house. The paranormal doesn't really get any more basic than that, but the entry really highlights the power of writing, because the author's approach to this basic idea easily propels it to one of my favorite pieces on the site. They even showed it to me early on to get my opinion as a known scientific expert on spooky bone people, and there wasn't anything I could think of that I would have changed.

3114 has the kind of violent streak you might expect a skeleton to have, ripping the flesh from humans and humanoid creatures (such as apes), picking out their bones, and even attempting to wear their skin before discarding it all in apparent frustration, but it doesn't really seem to be doing so with any malice, and through exposure to other "visitors" - such as an artificial skeleton, a store mannequin and even a dog - we get a deeper window into this entity's mind, a glimpse at something confused by its own existence, desperate to belong and starved for affection.

Most SCP's depend almost entirely on the novelty of their concept or a mix between that novelty and writing quality, but 3114 demonstrates that, sometimes, writing is just about all you need. I can't get over the adorable concept of SCP enrichment items. To summarize, this one's about as bare bones of a concept as you can get in an SCP, neither remarkably humerus nor exceptionally spine-chilling, but it's one I think any aspiring SCP writer can stand to bone up on.