The Face Swapper

A decidedly obscure one with a meager 54 upvotes at the time of this posting, the face swapper is one of the less dangerous, less dramatic of the Foundation's many humanoid cases, but just oddball and just tragic enough for me to like. Identifiable by intensely green eyes, a wide mouth and oversized nose, this entity can instantly swap both faces and personalities with anybody in its line of vision, running off with the rest of their body while they find themselves permanently trapped in the being's last stolen vessel.

This in itself isn't too unique, but this is another SCP whose characterization makes all the difference. 1163 is no devilish trickster or malevolent monster, but exhibits the intellectual capacity and interests of a very small child, roughly a six year old, and simply doesn't grasp exactly what's so different between itself and the rest of the human species, if indeed it was ever a regular human at all. In its sad, curious interview log, it seems to think that people have been "mean" and "yell" at it for no particular reason, and that its only special talent is that it's "very fast" at running away when yelled at.

It doesn't at all seem to comprehend the idea of a "body," nor does it know what being "born" is or why the Foundation is containing it...but two things it does know are that nobody yells at it in the Foundation, and sometimes, people even give it candy! Though it has tried to escape at least once, this SCP seems more or less content with its confinement; just an innocent, mostly harmless, slightly sad curiosity we'll never understand.